Sunday, 30 January 2011

Celeb style - Jessica Alba

This week I'll be looking at the style of the lovely Jessica Alba! Usually, I just focus on the stars' red carpet looks, but when looking at photos of the beautiful Miss Alba, I found a lot of photos of her every day looks which I've decided to focus on more as she does dressed-down so well.

Last week Jessica flew in to France for Paris Fashion Week, and she arrived at the airport in this outfit, which I absolutely love! She doesn't go for the ridiculous high heels like a lot of celebs wear at airports (I really don't understand that!) and I love the all black of the outfit, broken up with the khaki parka.

She seems like a jeans and boots kind of girl - which I love, as I can't live without my jeans and boots. I'm actually a bit upset it's going to be summer soon, because then it means my boots will have to retire to the back of my wardrobe :-(

Another day in Paris for Fashion Week, another gorgeous outfit! I LOVE her lace-up wedge boots here. I've seen a lot of pairs like this around but I'm still looking for the "perfect" pair. It's a very simple outfit, so the boots really stand out as the statement piece. An absolutely gorgeous coat too - I have some serious coat envy right now.

I also hope she bought that hat, it's lovely!

Another fab casual outfit from Jessica here. Each item isn't anything particularly special (except that bag, I want it!), but it's all been put together really well. I can imagine that skirt would just look like a plain skirt in a shop, but she's dressed it well with the layers and accessories. I do like the jacket quite a lot, and she's very brave for having bare legs, it's freezing!

I've been looking for an amazing pair of flared jeans for a couple of months now (struggling to find a pair long enough for me if I wear heels - I'm too tall for normal length jeans!). From this photo it looks like Miss Alba has achieved exactly what I'm aiming for. Gorgeous jeans, dressed down with a casual shirt... yet she still looks gorgeous!

Thanks for reading girlies - next week will be Diane Kruger's red carpet style!

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