Sunday, 9 January 2011

Boys just don't understand...

This morning I very nearly splashed out £50 on the jumpsuit from ASOS I mentioned a couple of posts back - but you know what stopped me? The boyfriend. He didn't say it was too expensive, he didn't say I'd never wear it... he said it looked like a boiler suit a plumber would wear. Such a lovely guy!

Jumpsuits are one of those trends that boys just don't understand. However this got me thinking, what other trends don't boys understand? I asked a few male friends their thoughts... (and added some pretty pictures!)

1. Jumpsuits
The item that started this post! I guess this would include playsuits too, which I also love. Both come under the boiler suit worn by a plumber category apparently!

2. Leggings/jeggings
Now, I do like leggings, but I wear them as warm tights under short dresses with boots. Because I see them as more like tights than trousers, I don't understand why girls wear them with stomach-skimming tops. And jeggings aren't fooling me either. They're not jeans! It seems a lot of guys agree with me too which I wasn't expecting. My theory was that leggings are tight and show off a girl's figure - but according to my friend's boyfriend they're just too revealing.

3. Bug-eye sunglasses 
A summer staple for women everywhere. I love that I don't even really need to wear make-up with them as they cover so much of my face! The name is appropriate though - my brother has said I look like an actual bug in mine.

4. UGG boots
I'm not a fan of UGG boots personally. I think they're fine as slippers, but the smell of wet UGGs alone is enough to put me off wearing them outside!

5. Chunky rings 
I'm a bit obsessed with chunky rings at the moment. The kind of rings that would do some serious damage if you hit someone! In fact, this is why the boyfriend isn't a fan - he's probably just scared in case I hit him... 

6. Brogues
I absolutely love my brogues <3 It's very refreshing to have fashionable, comfy shoes - my feet love them too! An ex-friend however thinks they look like the kind of shoes his grandad would wear. I say ex-friend because I don't think I can forgive him for making a comment like that about my beloved brogues!

7. Shoulder pads
I think shoulder pads work well on the right person for an edgy look - but broad shouldered women shouldn't attempt it! Too "Margaret Thatcher" according to my friend's boyfriend.

8. Harem pants
I think I'm with the men on this one - they're just too MC Hammer for my liking!

9. Peep toe shoe boots 
As my boyfriend says "make your mind up, are your feet hot or cold?!"

10. Waist belts
I will say right now, I will never give up my waist belts! I have a tiny waist compared to the rest of my figure, so I need a waist belt to emphasise it and to stop tops and dresses from drowning me. My brother thinks they're ridiculous though, simply because he thinks they don't serve a purpose - they're not holding anything up!

Are there any trends that your other half just doesn't get? Or any you hate?

Felicity x


  1. I love the Olsen twins sunglasses and that first dress! And you so hit the nail on the head with all of these things boys don't get... Add to the list gauchos. I don't know why, but my boyfriend hates them... haha.

    VPV Intern

  2. Isn't it strange that your survey came out with almost exactly the same results as the post I did about fashions boys don't get which I did here

    Lauren Loves...

  3. Not really... it just proves that men everywhere are the same! Only 5/10 of the items are the same anyway, it isn't that similar.

  4. That's what I mean, it's funny that boys everywhere think the same! Makes me re-think what fashions I wear maybe?

    Lauren Loves...

  5. Ah sorry, thought you were saying it was too much of a coincidence!
    Yeah it's very odd - won't let that stop me and my jumpsuits and peep toe boots though :)