Sunday, 30 January 2011

Celeb style - Jessica Alba

This week I'll be looking at the style of the lovely Jessica Alba! Usually, I just focus on the stars' red carpet looks, but when looking at photos of the beautiful Miss Alba, I found a lot of photos of her every day looks which I've decided to focus on more as she does dressed-down so well.

Last week Jessica flew in to France for Paris Fashion Week, and she arrived at the airport in this outfit, which I absolutely love! She doesn't go for the ridiculous high heels like a lot of celebs wear at airports (I really don't understand that!) and I love the all black of the outfit, broken up with the khaki parka.

She seems like a jeans and boots kind of girl - which I love, as I can't live without my jeans and boots. I'm actually a bit upset it's going to be summer soon, because then it means my boots will have to retire to the back of my wardrobe :-(

Another day in Paris for Fashion Week, another gorgeous outfit! I LOVE her lace-up wedge boots here. I've seen a lot of pairs like this around but I'm still looking for the "perfect" pair. It's a very simple outfit, so the boots really stand out as the statement piece. An absolutely gorgeous coat too - I have some serious coat envy right now.

I also hope she bought that hat, it's lovely!

Another fab casual outfit from Jessica here. Each item isn't anything particularly special (except that bag, I want it!), but it's all been put together really well. I can imagine that skirt would just look like a plain skirt in a shop, but she's dressed it well with the layers and accessories. I do like the jacket quite a lot, and she's very brave for having bare legs, it's freezing!

I've been looking for an amazing pair of flared jeans for a couple of months now (struggling to find a pair long enough for me if I wear heels - I'm too tall for normal length jeans!). From this photo it looks like Miss Alba has achieved exactly what I'm aiming for. Gorgeous jeans, dressed down with a casual shirt... yet she still looks gorgeous!

Thanks for reading girlies - next week will be Diane Kruger's red carpet style!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Gold is the colour

Sorry for the lack of blogging in the last week - it's been a pretty manic week!

As you may know, I started my new job this week :-) All going very well so far - I've got 6 weeks of training before they let me out on my own and I can't wait!

The office is quite casual compared to my last job (which was at a corporate, global company) so I don't need to wear a suit to work every day now, which is amazing because I get to dress more casually and more like myself! So I thought I'd show you all what I wore to work today...

jumper - TK Maxx / watch - Next / skirt - vintage / pumps - Dorothy Perkins

I love this skirt so much - it was a vintage find last year and I haven't been able to get much wear out of it for a while, so I'm now making the most of it! Got so many comments on it at work today from people I'd never even spoken to - so take note, nice skirts are the way to get to know people you've never met...

Anyway, it's Thursday and do you know what that means? 10 o'clock live is on tonight! Anyone else loving it as much as I am? Four of my favourite comedians/TV presenters, plus news and comedy, what more could anyone want... well, I'll tell you what I want right now - Charlie Brooker! He might have a square face, but I've developed a very strange crush on him recently. What are your weird crushes?

Felicity x

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Celeb style - Carey Mulligan

When I was at the cinema the other day I saw a trailer for the film Never Let Me Go, starring Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan. It looks ok, but it seemed like the plot for the whole film was in the trailer, twists and everything, which put me off (that and I can't stand Keira Knightley - I have no idea why, I just don't like her!). This got me thinking about Carey Mulligan and the fact that she just kind of sprung up from somewhere and is now being nominated for Oscars, Golden Globes and even winning a BAFTA. And she's doing all of this in gorgeous outfits!

I normally can't stand the colour yellow, and definitely not as a full-on block colour. But, curiously enough, I really like the yellow Proenza Schouler dress Carey wore to promote her latest film. I adore the pleated detail and the black trim. She usually keeps an outfit simple and doesn't distract from the dress with lots of accessories or jewellery, which I admire as a lot of stars go overboard with that!

The navy dress Carey wore to the premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is divine. I'm not usually a big fan of full-length dresses, partly because you can't see the gorgeous shoes they're wearing, but also because they tend to be a bit prom/ballgown-like. This Azzaro gown isn't at all like that though, it's so different to the other dresses most female celebs wear on the red carpet. The collar detail is beautiful and I really love the shape of the skirt.

For the London premiere of An Education, the gorgeous Miss Mulligan went for a wine-coloured Vionnet draped dress, with nude Vionnet shoes to match. The colour of the dress is stunning, but with porcelain skin like that she really could pull off most colours. My favourite part of the outfit though is her gold floral brooch, especially as it's the only piece of jewellery she went for. It brings the whole outfit together in my opinion.

Last but not least, the infamous Prada gown she wore to the Oscars last year. This was easily my favourite red carpet look of the awards season: a beautiful black strapless Prada dress and black Prada platform heels. Perfectly matched, with the raised hem of the dress at the front perfectly showing off her shoes.

Thanks for reading... next week - Jessica Alba!

Thursday, 20 January 2011

The King's Speech

So last night I went to see the King's Speech at the cinema. The other half wouldn't come and see it with me ("A film about a bloke with a stammer? Sounds shit!"), so went along with some friends, and oh my God it's amazing! I haven't seen a film that good at the cinema in ages, so I would definitely recommend it to anyone that's debating going. I've never laughed so much at someone swearing in a film!

Anyway, this is what I wore...

Scarf: vintage / Top: H&M / Trousers: H&M / Necklace: Topshop / Brogues: ASOS

The khaki trousers are unbelievably comfortable, which I continue to be surprised at as they're super skinny! They remind me of the jodhpurs I used to wear when I went horse riding.

The scarf I absolutely adore - a recent vintage find...

 Please ignore my horrible carpet!

One of my favourite things about January (ok, my only favourite thing, January doesn't have much going for itself!) is the amount of great films that are out. Next on my list to see are 127 Hours, Black Swan and the Fighter (I'll watch anything with Christian Bale in, he's an incredible actor!). With the Golden Globes out of the way, we just have the Oscars to wait for! I really hope Colin Firth gets the Academy Award for Best Actor.

In other news, tomorrow is my last day at work! So tonight I'll be busy baking cakes for everyone. I still don't understand that rule - I'm leaving, so surely everyone else should have to make me cakes :-)

Felicity x

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

These boots are made for walking

... and that's just what they'll do!

These are my favourite boots (I think - I'm a bit boots-obsessed so have a lot to choose from!). They're leather and originally from Faith, but I bought them on eBay for £7. Bargain or what?

Shirt: Next /Scarf: M&S / Top: Next / Skirt: H&M / Tights: Topshop / Boots: Faith/eBay

I'm going through a bit of an obsessive eBay phase - I bought several vintage blouses on there yesterday which I'm sure will make an appearance on here soon!

The tights int he photos actually have a stocking pattern on the top which I absolutely adore, but you can't see them that well because it's too high up which makes me sad... it's not like my skirt's even that long!

I also wanted to blog about my new favourite nail varnish shade... seen below, Vintage Pink by Models Own.

Most shades of pink nail varnish are either really girly (which isn't me) or bright and garish. I've really struggled to find one that is neither, but which is muted and classy. Step forward Vintage Pink! It's a gorgeous shade, and after painting my nails last night, in just one day I've had several people comment on how gorgeous it is.

I'm not just a fan of this shade however, I'm a huge fun of Models Own full-stop! Have to admit I haven't tried their other make-up, but I have about 15 of their nail varnishes and love every single one :-)

Felicity x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Celeb style - Rachel McAdams

Every Sunday from now on I'll be blogging about a celeb's style that's caught my eye... this week it's Rachel McAdams!

Now I am a bit biased when it comes to Rachel McAdams (she just happens to be my favourite actress and a huge girl crush of mine), but I couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked this week at the premieres for her new film, Morning Glory. You know you look good when you're with Harrison Ford and you're still the centre of attention!

A good dose of side boob works wonders too! She also wore yellow eyeliner that night, which I think was very brave of her - personally I can't stand the colour yellow, but she really pulled it off.

She made her name as Regina in Mean Girls (yes, that really is her!) and has since starred in The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, Sherlock Holmes and the Time Traveler's Wife. Throughout this time her style has changed, but always for the better...

Now I might be biased, but doesn't she look gorgeous in every photo? I especially love the draped nude dress!

On another note - I do really want to see her new film Morning Glory (partly because Harrison Fords in it too, I have a very inappropriate crush on the 68 year old!). But there are so many films out this month that I want to see!

What do you all think of her style? Which celebs and their style do you admire?

Felicity x

Friday, 14 January 2011

Makeover time

My blog - not me!

Gone for a new, simple look on the blog, what do you all think? I'm so in love with the font!

I wanted to share some new Alberto Guardini shoes with you all - a bargain at 315 Euros...

Now, I love red lipstick. And I love high heels. So I suppose I should love these shoes...? Have to admit, I wouldn't wear them, but they'd happily sit on a display shelf in my flat for all to admire!

Anyway, it's 4.55pm and therefore time to leave work and try and beat the traffic - happy weekend to you all :-)

Felicity x

Thursday, 13 January 2011


 I wasn't planning on posting tonight - had a pretty hectic week and didn't think I'd have time for an outfit post. But luckily I do! Luckily because I love the shrug I'm wearing today...

I bought it a couple of weeks ago in Primark for a bargainous £8  and have only just got round to wearing it now. Just wearing it with a simple black strappy top, skinny jeans and brogues. The skinny jeans I'm ecstatic to be wearing - they're originally from Gap but a few months ago I split the bum on them! It's taken me this long to find a stretchy denim patch to fix them with and, thanks to the fact I'm a wiz at sewing, they look good as new again :-)

Anyway, I've had a busy week because it's my penultimate week at work before I start my new job and all of my managers have been piling on the work in case my replacement is rubbish at the job! So I've been working overtime a lot to catch up on it all. Plus I'm having car issues, but the less said about them the better!

Hope you've all had a good week and enjoy the weekend :-)

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Boys just don't understand...

This morning I very nearly splashed out £50 on the jumpsuit from ASOS I mentioned a couple of posts back - but you know what stopped me? The boyfriend. He didn't say it was too expensive, he didn't say I'd never wear it... he said it looked like a boiler suit a plumber would wear. Such a lovely guy!

Jumpsuits are one of those trends that boys just don't understand. However this got me thinking, what other trends don't boys understand? I asked a few male friends their thoughts... (and added some pretty pictures!)

1. Jumpsuits
The item that started this post! I guess this would include playsuits too, which I also love. Both come under the boiler suit worn by a plumber category apparently!

2. Leggings/jeggings
Now, I do like leggings, but I wear them as warm tights under short dresses with boots. Because I see them as more like tights than trousers, I don't understand why girls wear them with stomach-skimming tops. And jeggings aren't fooling me either. They're not jeans! It seems a lot of guys agree with me too which I wasn't expecting. My theory was that leggings are tight and show off a girl's figure - but according to my friend's boyfriend they're just too revealing.

3. Bug-eye sunglasses 
A summer staple for women everywhere. I love that I don't even really need to wear make-up with them as they cover so much of my face! The name is appropriate though - my brother has said I look like an actual bug in mine.

4. UGG boots
I'm not a fan of UGG boots personally. I think they're fine as slippers, but the smell of wet UGGs alone is enough to put me off wearing them outside!

5. Chunky rings 
I'm a bit obsessed with chunky rings at the moment. The kind of rings that would do some serious damage if you hit someone! In fact, this is why the boyfriend isn't a fan - he's probably just scared in case I hit him... 

6. Brogues
I absolutely love my brogues <3 It's very refreshing to have fashionable, comfy shoes - my feet love them too! An ex-friend however thinks they look like the kind of shoes his grandad would wear. I say ex-friend because I don't think I can forgive him for making a comment like that about my beloved brogues!

7. Shoulder pads
I think shoulder pads work well on the right person for an edgy look - but broad shouldered women shouldn't attempt it! Too "Margaret Thatcher" according to my friend's boyfriend.

8. Harem pants
I think I'm with the men on this one - they're just too MC Hammer for my liking!

9. Peep toe shoe boots 
As my boyfriend says "make your mind up, are your feet hot or cold?!"

10. Waist belts
I will say right now, I will never give up my waist belts! I have a tiny waist compared to the rest of my figure, so I need a waist belt to emphasise it and to stop tops and dresses from drowning me. My brother thinks they're ridiculous though, simply because he thinks they don't serve a purpose - they're not holding anything up!

Are there any trends that your other half just doesn't get? Or any you hate?

Felicity x

Saturday, 8 January 2011

January sales (part 1 of many)

Happy weekend everyone!

It's that time of year again when all of the good stuff in the January sales has gone, or at least all the normal sizes - who wants high-waisted shorts in size 22?! So I thought I'd share today's outfit with you, many of the items bought in the sales this year.

Scarf: Alexander McQueen
T-shirt: Urban Outfitters
Cardigan: Next
Jeans: Gap
Shoes: Next

The scarf I've had for ages, but everything else was bought in the sales. I'm completely in love with the t-shirt and have been wearing it non-stop! I'm also loving khaki this season, so the slouchy cardigan was perfect.

But my absolute favourite part of the outfit was the shoes...

So beautiful!

They're amazingly comfortable too - as I find most Next shoes to be. I just need to find lots of occasions to wear them now!

I bought a lot more in the sales, so in the next week I'll be posting more photos of my purchases. In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Felicity x

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

My one true love

I have found the love of my life. Nope, not the other half, but an unbelievably gorgeous jumpsuit at ASOS.

Yep, I'm in love!

But of course, it isn't in the sale and it's the same price as my last bill for 3 months worth of electricity, so I'm struggling to justify the cost!

Someone find me a reason? :-)

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Shiny new blog!

Hello one and all (although right now it's probably a lot more likely to be just one person reading this, rather than all!) and welcome to my shiny new blog :-)

I've been following a few people's fashion-based blogs in recent weeks and I've been inspired to create my own. I think it'll be mostly just what I'm currently wearing, loving and lusting after... so to start you all off, today I've been wearing the below:

I bought these high-waisted shorts a couple of months back from H&M and I still love them - they're a thick, wintery material, which I find is hard to come by for shorts and skirts.

The tights were a Christmas present from a lovely friend, and the leather brogues are from ASOS. Quite possibly the comfiest shoes I've ever owned!

I think that'll do for my first post - happy New Year to you all :-)

F x