Sunday, 23 January 2011

Celeb style - Carey Mulligan

When I was at the cinema the other day I saw a trailer for the film Never Let Me Go, starring Keira Knightley and Carey Mulligan. It looks ok, but it seemed like the plot for the whole film was in the trailer, twists and everything, which put me off (that and I can't stand Keira Knightley - I have no idea why, I just don't like her!). This got me thinking about Carey Mulligan and the fact that she just kind of sprung up from somewhere and is now being nominated for Oscars, Golden Globes and even winning a BAFTA. And she's doing all of this in gorgeous outfits!

I normally can't stand the colour yellow, and definitely not as a full-on block colour. But, curiously enough, I really like the yellow Proenza Schouler dress Carey wore to promote her latest film. I adore the pleated detail and the black trim. She usually keeps an outfit simple and doesn't distract from the dress with lots of accessories or jewellery, which I admire as a lot of stars go overboard with that!

The navy dress Carey wore to the premiere of Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps is divine. I'm not usually a big fan of full-length dresses, partly because you can't see the gorgeous shoes they're wearing, but also because they tend to be a bit prom/ballgown-like. This Azzaro gown isn't at all like that though, it's so different to the other dresses most female celebs wear on the red carpet. The collar detail is beautiful and I really love the shape of the skirt.

For the London premiere of An Education, the gorgeous Miss Mulligan went for a wine-coloured Vionnet draped dress, with nude Vionnet shoes to match. The colour of the dress is stunning, but with porcelain skin like that she really could pull off most colours. My favourite part of the outfit though is her gold floral brooch, especially as it's the only piece of jewellery she went for. It brings the whole outfit together in my opinion.

Last but not least, the infamous Prada gown she wore to the Oscars last year. This was easily my favourite red carpet look of the awards season: a beautiful black strapless Prada dress and black Prada platform heels. Perfectly matched, with the raised hem of the dress at the front perfectly showing off her shoes.

Thanks for reading... next week - Jessica Alba!


  1. I loved all the little scissors etc. on the Prada dress. Love Carey.

  2. The last dress is beautiful. I love how her short hair just shows off all the dresses so well.