Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Shiny new blog!

Hello one and all (although right now it's probably a lot more likely to be just one person reading this, rather than all!) and welcome to my shiny new blog :-)

I've been following a few people's fashion-based blogs in recent weeks and I've been inspired to create my own. I think it'll be mostly just what I'm currently wearing, loving and lusting after... so to start you all off, today I've been wearing the below:

I bought these high-waisted shorts a couple of months back from H&M and I still love them - they're a thick, wintery material, which I find is hard to come by for shorts and skirts.

The tights were a Christmas present from a lovely friend, and the leather brogues are from ASOS. Quite possibly the comfiest shoes I've ever owned!

I think that'll do for my first post - happy New Year to you all :-)

F x

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