Sunday, 16 January 2011

Celeb style - Rachel McAdams

Every Sunday from now on I'll be blogging about a celeb's style that's caught my eye... this week it's Rachel McAdams!

Now I am a bit biased when it comes to Rachel McAdams (she just happens to be my favourite actress and a huge girl crush of mine), but I couldn't believe how gorgeous she looked this week at the premieres for her new film, Morning Glory. You know you look good when you're with Harrison Ford and you're still the centre of attention!

A good dose of side boob works wonders too! She also wore yellow eyeliner that night, which I think was very brave of her - personally I can't stand the colour yellow, but she really pulled it off.

She made her name as Regina in Mean Girls (yes, that really is her!) and has since starred in The Notebook, Wedding Crashers, Sherlock Holmes and the Time Traveler's Wife. Throughout this time her style has changed, but always for the better...

Now I might be biased, but doesn't she look gorgeous in every photo? I especially love the draped nude dress!

On another note - I do really want to see her new film Morning Glory (partly because Harrison Fords in it too, I have a very inappropriate crush on the 68 year old!). But there are so many films out this month that I want to see!

What do you all think of her style? Which celebs and their style do you admire?

Felicity x


  1. I love Rachel McAdams too, I thinks she's very naturally pretty and seems like such a lovely person! xx

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  3. I love Rachel and all her films <3 Great post! I have a fashionblog too, check it out and if you want we can follow eachother ;)
    XOXO Lidia

  4. Oh wow, I hadn't seen all of these photos (damn you US Weekly for letting me down!) but they are all lovely. I like that she actually has a SHAPE to her body. She seems real.

  5. I want Rachel McAdams to have my babies.