Thursday, 13 January 2011


 I wasn't planning on posting tonight - had a pretty hectic week and didn't think I'd have time for an outfit post. But luckily I do! Luckily because I love the shrug I'm wearing today...

I bought it a couple of weeks ago in Primark for a bargainous £8  and have only just got round to wearing it now. Just wearing it with a simple black strappy top, skinny jeans and brogues. The skinny jeans I'm ecstatic to be wearing - they're originally from Gap but a few months ago I split the bum on them! It's taken me this long to find a stretchy denim patch to fix them with and, thanks to the fact I'm a wiz at sewing, they look good as new again :-)

Anyway, I've had a busy week because it's my penultimate week at work before I start my new job and all of my managers have been piling on the work in case my replacement is rubbish at the job! So I've been working overtime a lot to catch up on it all. Plus I'm having car issues, but the less said about them the better!

Hope you've all had a good week and enjoy the weekend :-)


  1. Hi hun! Thanks for your lovely comment! I love this outfit, I have the same shrug thing! So cute isn't it!

    I'm not a graphic design whizz by any means, I made it as an image then just uploaded it as my header! Simple! :D X
    Burn the Blonde

  2. Ah thanks hun! Yeah it's a gorgeous shrug thing (not sure what to call it!), wasn't sure how to style it when I bought it but it's been pretty easy to do :)
    You make it sound so easy! May have to give it a go myself...

  3. I LOVE this shrug , and the whole outfit is really well put together. Really jealous of someone who looks good in brogues , just can't get them to work myself :( x x

  4. Thanks lovely! I was completely unsure about brogues at first, I just bought them on a whim and now I live in them :) I say take a chance and go for it!