Monday, 7 February 2011

Working girl

I know I don't normally post the outfits I wear to work, but I love today's outfit and wanted to share it with you all!

 blouse: matalan / trousers: new look / belt: primark / watch: ice / bangle: topshop / pumps: h&m

Bought these trousers last week from amongst the dregs of the New Look sale. A bargain at £7! The blouse is fairly new too, it feels silky and of quite a high quality for Matalan - I usually find their clothes feel cheap and badly-made, which is why I don't normally shop there. But this blouse is an exception!

And for the first time I haven't cropped my face out of the photo. I took it when I got back from work and I like my hair today, so I thought I'd treat you all! Don't get used to it though...

I've been neglecting this blog over the last couple of weeks because of the new job, but I'm going to promise you all now I'll try and get at least another couple of blogs in this week.

Did you all have a good weekend? I didn't have anything planned for Sunday, so I spent all day in bed watching Green Wing. I'm currently very obsessed with Mac, so if you talk to me and I go on about him I'll apologise now! I'll leave you all a photo of him now so you can join me in my obsession.


That is all.

Felicity x

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  1. I love the simple elegance of the button down shirt. Love how you paired it with the bracelet and watch. Lovely blog!

    xx THE CHEAP